Game-Changer: DaVinci Resolve Has Arrived to iPad

Game-Changer: DaVinci Resolve Has Arrived to iPad

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Video editors have been hungry for a serious piece of video editing software for iPad. Thanks to Blackmagic Design, they’ve finally received one. DaVinci Resolve is now available and can be downloaded for free on the Apple iOS store, making it even more accessible for video editors on the go. 

DaVinci has always been pushing the envelope when it comes to what video editing software is capable of and this new iPad release is a strong chapter in an ongoing history. 

A Quick History for Resolve

Resolve was launched by DaVinci Systems in 2004 as part of their offering of best-in-class color correction tools.

The initial price tag for DaVinci Resolve is definitely worthy of some sticker shock. The software originally cost $200,000 to $800,000 upfront. Things have changed a lot over the years and iPad users can now download Resolve for free with an option to upgrade to a full edition for just $300. That $300 upgrade also includes a lifetime of updates.

The brand Blackmagic Design bought DaVinci Systems in 2009 and the software has seen dramatic changes since. 

Blackmagic Design Takes the Lead

Blackmagic Design’s acquisition of DaVinci Resolve was a total game-changer for the software. Almost immediately, it was clear that Blackmagic was set on taking it from a competent color correction tool to a fully functional nonlinear editor.

The first version of the software released by Blackmagic in 2010 featured a totally redesigned user interface and a suite of other impressive features.

Blackmagic has been relentless in the development of this software ever since. Aside from adding features in each update, Blackmagic also completely flipped the price point for Resolve to make it far more accessible to all creators. As such, Resolve has continued to win market share over the years.

Even major content creators are switching to DaVinci Resolve and encouraging their fans to do the same. 

It's clear that Blackmagic Design’s commitment to refining their software has cemented DaVinci Resolve as the main competitor to Adobe Premiere. 

The First Professional Video Editor Native to iPad 

One of the more frustrating things to grapple with when it comes to editing video on an iPad is that up until this point, there hasn't been a powerful, fully-featured option available.

Of course, Adobe released Premiere Rush on iOS a few years ago, but the app is unfortunately quite limited and lacks features that we need to edit professional video. Premiere Rush might be great for touching up a quick social media post, but it's definitely not pulling its weight as a piece of video editing software.

Apple and Avid haven't created great iPad offerings either—which has left a huge hole in the market that several other software companies have attempted to fill. LumaTouch made an impressive effort with LumaFusion—which has seen quite a bit of adoption for creators looking for a more powerful video editor on iPad. Even LumaFusion has limitations though, and is seen by many in the TV/Film Industry as a prosumer option. 

Resolve is certainly the first legitimate contender for professional video editing software on iPad.

The Hype Behind DaVinci Resolve for iPad

This edition of DaVinci Resolve is ready to handle file formats like H.264, H.265, Apple ProRes and Blackmagic RAW. It works with files stored on the iPad as well as iCloud and other cloud storage.

One of the biggest storage features of the new iPad Resolve is the ability to use USB-C storage devices connected to the iPad. 

DaVinci Resolve for the iPad can also open your desktop Resolve projects. You can do this by connecting your iPad app to the Blackmagic cloud. Blackmagic Design has designed the iPad app version of resolve with the same code base, meaning you have the exact same piece of software, but with a different form factor and design that works with touch controls and the Apple Pencil.

 Since the iPad version of DaVinci Resolve is designed to work natively on the new M2 chip, it can work even faster than any other video editing software on the iPad. It's able to pull in the full force of Apple's new M2 chip, meaning it can process video up to four times faster.

 We believe creators leveraging this software are going to be a few steps ahead of their competition, as they are now able to work in a more efficient and flexible work environment.

Another benefit is that creators are able to manage footage while out on location, like a remote shoot where you don't want to lug your heavy laptop or a quick stringout edit while on an airplane. By the time you get back home, you already have an assembly edit to share with your client or brand.

Resolve for iPad is also impactful as it opens the doors to a broader audience of editors, lowering the barrier to entry for those interested in learning video editing for the first time.

The DaVinci Resolve release for iPad is just the beginning of a new future for this piece of video editing software. 

What’s Next for Resolve

Blackmagic Design releasing a version of Resolve for iPad is a win for the industry. Many creators have been looking for a way to seamlessly integrate using an iPad, and its touch controls, into a video editing workflow and this is it.

If you're doing more video editing than just cleaning up an Instagram Reels, DaVinci Resolve is the only game in town if you're looking to work on your iPad as well as other devices. 

Blackmagic Design has more exciting Resolve updates lined up for the future too. They've already indicated that the Fusion effects and Fairlight audio tools are on the roadmap for the iPad version of Resolve.

How are you bringing Resolve for iPad into your video editing workflow in 2023? Drop your experience so far using the software below in the comments. 

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