Privacy Policy
Glyph Production Technologies (Technology Applications LLC) (including its subsidiaries and affiliates, hereafter collectively referred to as “Glyph”“Us,” “Our,” or “We”) respects and pledges to protect your personal privacy. We are committed to protect your personal privacy and information security pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations. Glyph's
privacy protection policy and personal information related statements for certain Glyph products and services (hereafter;the Policy) will help you to understand how We collect, use, store, and protect the personal information collected from you through Glyph products and services. We will also explain how We disclose and transfer your personal information and to whom. If you are a minor, your parent (or guardian) must read and understand this Policy before you can use this service. If you use this service and you or your parent (or guardian) has agreed to provide your personal information to Us, you or your parent (or guardian) is deemed to have agreed to this Policy.
1. Information collection and collection method
This section introduces what information Glyph will collect from you through Our products and services, and how We will use your information.
When you use Glyph products and services (such as: Glyph's official website, customer support services, etc.), We may collect the personal information that you provide to Us via Glyph products and services. The following is a summary of the personal information items that Glyph may collect via its various products and services, and the reasons for collecting such personal information. Please be aware that We will only collect your personal information based on the specific data collection purposes for the Glyph products and services that you actually use. In addition, when you use Glyph products and services, We may also collect the following anonymous information that cannot identify you personally (also see Section 1.3 below).
When you use Glyph products and services, you do not necessarily have to provide the personal information We require. However, if you choose not to provide said information, We may not be able to provide products or services to you or answer your questions in many cases.
1.1 Personal Information Collected by Glyph
Personal information may be used to directly or indirectly identify you. For example: your name, phone number, address, e-mail address, or IP address. Glyph will collect the following personal information from you after obtaining your consent:
 When you register as an Glyph member, you must provide your true, correct, up-to-date, and complete registration information such as your name, e-mail address, and country/region. You may also choose whether to provide personal information
related to the services (i.e., product category, serial number, purchase date,
purchase channel, and other information that may be used to identify the product).
 When you purchase Glyph products from Us, you may need to provide your name, mailing address (including zip code), phone number, e-mail address, and payment information during some payment services. In addition, when you ask Us for customer support services (i.e., product repair), We may require you to provide
additional identification information for your product (i.e., serial number or model)
in addition to the aforesaid information.
 When you participate in marketing activities or prize contests organized by Glyph, you may need to provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, product identification (i.e., product serial number, Product model), and other personal information according to the types of activities you participate. If you are a prize contest winner or want to receive gifts, you may be required to
provide your mailing address (i.e., zip code) or information necessary for tax
declaration (i.e., photocopy of your household registration address or ID
card/passport number). In addition, to provide you with product rebates via the
aforesaid marketing activities, We may require you to provide additional remittance information in addition to the personal information you provided when participating in the aforesaid marketing activities or prize contests.
1.2 Purpose of Use for Your Personal Information
The personal information We collect shall be used for the following purposes:
 Improve and upgrade Glyph products and services.
 User experience survey and analysis for developing and evaluating Glyph’s new
products, services, and functions.
 Complete Glyph member account creation and experience Glyph member related services (such as “Product Registration” or “Newsletters”).
 Provide services (including proof of purchase or invoice), or product and service
update notifications for the Glyph products and services you purchased from Glyph.
 Complete your subscription for marketing materials related to services such as
Glyph related news, discounts, marketing activities, and other information. Please
note that you have agreed for Glyph to use your personal information when
you subscribe, and you may unsubscribe at any time.
 Notify you of important notices related to your rights, such as when the terms and policies applicable to Glyph products and services have been changed. Attention: to protect your rights, you will not be able to cancel receiving this notice.
 When you participate in Our marketing activities or prize contests; your personal
information will be used to confirm your qualifications and for event updates,
awards delivery contact matters, product rebates, tax declaration, and purchase
insurance for you if shuttle service is necessary for the event.
 When you contact Glyph or visit Glyph’s maintenance base or office; your personal information and audio/video/conversation record data collected by Us shall be used to provide you with support services (such as maintenance services, reply to your questions or inquiries), customer care, satisfaction surveys, retrieve feedback, maintain your rights, and ensure personnel safety in the area.
 Individualized marketing, such as third-party advertisement Cookies, is used to
provide marketing and advertising content that meets your personal preferences
and recommend service content suitable to you based on how you have used Glyph products and services in the past.
 Any other purposes after obtaining your consent.
1.3 Purpose of Use for Anonymous Information Collected by Glyph
Anonymous information is data that cannot directly or indirectly identify you, such as your product model, software version, or invoice date. When you use Glyph products and services, We may collect the following anonymous information through Glyph products and services for various possible purposes. In addition, when the following anonymous data is linked to the personal information mentioned above, We will also treat the anonymous data as your personal information and provide appropriate protection:
 When you ask Us for customer support services (such as product maintenance) or participate in Our marketing activities, We may need to ask you to provide the
product purchase information (such as invoice purchase date or purchase store).
2. Personal Information Retention Period
This section introduces the Glyph personal information retention period.
We shall retain your personal information for the period necessary to complete the
purpose of use described in this Policy, or retain the data for a longer period under the following legal or necessary circumstances: i.e., We shall retain your personal information for an appropriate and reasonable period of time for customer relationship management or to comply with tax laws or other legal requirements, or retain your personal information for a specific period as required by law or to cooperate with government or judicial authority investigations or litigations. Moreover, if you have initially provided consent for Glyph to collect your personal information but later wish to withdraw this consent, We shall no longer continue to collect your personal information after you withdraw your consent, but
shall only keep what We had collected from you before you withdrew your consent.
3. Who do We Disclose Your Personal Information To
This section explains that Glyph may share your personal information with third parties under certain circumstances and within a limited scope.
Glyph shall not disclose your personal information to other third parties except under any of the following circumstances:
3.1 We Have Obtained Your Consent
We shall only disclose and share your personal information to third parties other than Glyph after obtaining your consent or when you requested Us to share.
3.2 Cooperation Partners
We may collect and redact your personal information (so you are no longer identifiable using the information via reverse tracing) before We disclose said information to Our cooperation partners for the purpose of providing you with advertisement marketing and promotional contents that are catered to your personal preferences(i.e., advertising Cookies for Our third party partners).
3.3 Service providers
We shall also disclose and share the necessary items from your personal information with Our service providers within the scope of purposes mentioned in this Policy so as to provide services to you. Examples include marketing companies that assist Us to send
marketing materials and organize marketing activities, shipping companies that deliver the products you have purchased or requested, fund processing vendors that handle the payments, and customer service providers(Glyph telephone customer services, Glyph online live customer services, Glyph product maintenance services, etc.)that offer you

customer services. These service providers shall comply with Our instructions to use your personal information within the scope of purpose stipulated in this Policy, and We shall also ensure their compliance with this Policy.
3.4 For Legal or Protection Purposes
We shall disclose and share the necessary items from your personal information to third parties under any of the following conditions for legal compliance or security purposes:
 When it is necessary to comply with laws and regulations; the requirements of the competent authority or judicial department; lawful security requests; or to defend, prevent, or investigate fraud or other illegal acts.
 Protect the rights, property, and security of Glyph, Our service providers, Our
users, or the public within the scope permitted by law.
4. Cross-border Transmission
This section explains that Glyph may transfer your personal information to regions outside of your country under the premise of compliance with the privacy related laws and regulations in said countries.
You understand and agree that when you use Glyph products or services, participate in Glyph activities or provide your personal information to Us; your personal information may be held by Our affiliated companies in various countries (including within and outside of EU) and my undergo cross-border transmission, storage, processing, and utilization between service providers. The aforesaid cross-border transmission, storage, processing, and utilization shall comply with this Policy and the relevant laws and regulations regarding personal privacy and information security in various countries.
5. Cookies and Similar Technologies
This section introduces the way Glyph uses Cookies and explains how you can manage the cookie settings.
Each time you visit the Glyph website, We shall automatically collect certain anomalous information that cannot be used to identify you. We may use Cookies, tags, server logs, and other technologies to obtain or store this information. The purpose for collecting this anonymous information is to better understand how you use Glyph’s website or improve the overall website quality and users experiences.
5.1 Definition of “Cookies”
Cookies are short texts used to store information on a web browser. Cookies are widely used to store and receive identification codes and other data on computers, mobile phones, and other devices. We also use other technologies (including data that We store on your web browser or device, and identification codes associated with your device) and other software (including web indicators and pixel tags) for similar purposes. In this Cookies statement, We shall refer to all such technologies as “Cookies.”
5.2 Types of Cookies
We use Cookies to provide, protect, and improve Our products and services. Examples include providing and evaluating advertisements via customized contents, understanding user behaviors, and providing a more secure experience. The various types of Cookies We

use and the purpose of use are described below. Please note that the specific Cookies We may use are different depending on the specific website and service you use.
 Necessary Cookies:
Strictly speaking, these Cookies are necessary to provide Our website services to you and enable the necessary functions such as shopping cart or product application. If you disable such Cookies, We shall be unable to fulfill your requests.
 Performance and functional Cookies:
These Cookies collect information about how you use Our website and services, and allow Us to remember your browsing choices browsing. The information collected by such Cookies allows Us to optimize Our website and make it easier to use. It shall not be used to identify you individually. If you disable or cancel such Cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of Our website, applications, and services or may reduce the support or information We can provide to you.
 Analytical and custom Cookies:
These Cookies collect information We use in a summary forms, which help Us
understand how users use Our website, applications, and services; the effectiveness of Our marketing activities; and help Us to better customize the website. If you disable or cancel such Cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of Our website, applications, and services or may reduce the support or information We can provide to you.
 Advertisement Cookies:
Such Cookies collect information about your browsing and shopping history, and are used to deliver advertising messages that are catered to your preferences. They prevent the same advertisements from appearing repeatedly, ensure that the
advertisements are displayed correctly, and select advertisements based on your
preferences in some cases. We may share this information with third parties to help create and deliver ads that are customized for you and based on your preferences. If you disable or cancel such Cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of Our website, applications, and services or may reduce the support or information We can provide to you.
 Social network Cookies:
Such Cookies let you share pages and content on Our website and services via third-party social networks and other websites. These Cookies may also be used for advertisement purposes.
5.3 Cookies Placed by Third Parties
You may also encounter Cookies placed by third parties on Our websites, APPs, and services. For example, when you buy Our products online, Our e-commerce vendors may use Cookies and other technologies. We may also allow third parties to place Cookies on Our website to track information about your online activities and/or cross-third-party websites or online services for the purpose of delivering targeted advertisements to you based on this information, which may include remarketing of Our products and services that you have browsed on Our website and third party websites. This Cookies Statement does not apply to Cookies, applications, technologies, or websites owned and/or operated by third parties or the practices of such third parties even if they also use or access Our
technology to retain or collect information. Please review third party privacy and Cookies policies to understand how they use Cookies.
5.4 How to Manage Cookies Settings

 Please note that you can manage your Cookies settings based on your browser
preferences. You may freely restrict the use of all or part of the Cookies (i.e., third
party Cookies), delete the Cookies records, or adjust other settings.
 In some countries, when you browse the Glyph website for the first time, We shall place a short Cookies description text at the top banner of the website. You can freely select to enable or reject the use of the aforesaid third party Cookies in this banner.
 Depending on the type and version of the browser installed in your product, the
Cookies function settings of the browser may be different and may change.
This section introduces third party behaviors in collecting your personal information if you use a third party link or service via Glyph’s products and services. Please refer to the privacy related instructions for third party links and services.
Glyph products and services may provide links to other websites, or use third party services (hereafter “third parties”). Please acknowledge that personal information collection by such third parties is not related to Us. You should be aware when you have left Glyph products or services, and be sure to read and understand the privacy policy applicable to the third party. Please note that this Policy only applies to products and services provided by Glyph.
6. Security Measures for Glyph Products and Services
This section introduces how We protect your personal information and provide suggestions on how you can protect your personal information yourself.
We shall adopt appropriate technical and organizational information security protection measures such as internal personal information collection, storage, and processing inspections; other physical security measures in order to prevent any theft, tampering, leakage, or damage; and prevent intrusion of the system where We store your personal information. Glyph and Our affiliated companies in various countries also adopt secure network dedicated lines for data transmission. When you provide personal information to Us, your personal information shall be protected both online and offline. However, We cannot guarantee that the overall network environment is safe and secure. We recommend the following to fully protect your rights:
6.1 Update Anti-virus Software
You should also update your anti-virus software and use anti-virus or malware scanning programs to ensure the security of your personal information.
6.2 Contact Us Immediately
If you are aware of or discovered any technical weaknesses that can damage Glyph’s products and services, please contact Us immediately via the following e-mail
7. How do We Manage your Information
This section introduces how you can make queries or demands to Glyph regarding your personal information, and the way Glyph manage it.

In the case that you have any need or request regarding your personal information held by Glyph, contact Us by sending an e-mail to
7.1 Set the Cookies (please refer to Section 5.4 “How to Manage Cookies Settings”):
 You may restrict the use of all or part of the Cookies settings (i.e., third party
Cookies), delete the Cookies records, or adjust other settings through your
 If you do not want Us to provide individualized marketing and ad contents based on your preferences via third party advertisement Cookies, you can use your browser to reject or delete such third party cookies records.
7.2 Contact Glyph to Manage the Personal Information you Provided:
If you wish to update, access, delete, review, download, and prohibit Our use of some or all of your personal information or membership data you provided to Glyph (i.e., you think We have improperly collected or used your information), restrict Our use of your personal information (i.e., you do not want Us to use your personal information for analysis), etc.; you can e-mail to to contact us. We shall no longer continue to
collect your personal information after you withdraw your consent, but will retain what We have collected from you before you withdrew your consent.
7.3 [Attention] Exclusions
We are always committed to ensure the correctness of your personal information and protecting your personal information from any accidental or malicious destruction. However, We cannot guarantee to meet this requirement if any of the following situation occurs:
 Circumstances whereby We are permitted to retain your information within the
scope permitted by law;
 For the purpose of providing legitimate services;
 If meeting your request exceeds the reasonable range of resource usage and
technical support. For example, your request can only be completed by developing or constructing a brand new system or changing the current service provision model.
 There is a risk of endangering the privacy of others.
Based on your request, We shall inform you in writing about what kind of information Glyph retains, the reason for the retention, and the estimated retention time.
7.4 Right to Receive Information
You are entitled to receive identifiable personal information about you, and have the right to request the company to transmit this information to a third party if permitted the company's technical parameters.
7.5 Right to Issue a Complaint

Under the premise of GDPR, if you believe Glyph (or a third party that receives
transmissions from Glyph) has failed to process your personal information in accordance with the GDPR and failed to resolve your problem after receiving a request from you, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority of the EU member state from where you live, work, or claim the infringement occurred. You also have the right to file legal proceedings. Such legal proceedings shall be filed in a court of EU member states where you live or where Glyph (or the third party that receives the transmissions from Glyph) is located.
8. Privacy Right for Minors
This section introduces privacy rights protection for minors.
We shall not collect personal information from minors under the age of eighteen (18) or otherwise specified in accordance with local laws or regulations without the knowledge of, or obtaining consent from, the minors’ parent (or guardian). We recommend that parent (or guardian) should accompany the minor throughout the process of using Glyph products and services. If you are a minor, please obtain consent from your parent (or guardian). You may only provide personal information to Us after We confirm that you have obtained consent from your parent (or guardian).
Your parent (or guardian) can revoke or withdraw the consent at any time, and e-mail Us at to update, access, delete, review, download, and prohibit Our use of some or all of your personal information (i.e., you think We have improperly collected or used your information); restrict Our use of your personal information (i.e., you do not want Us to use your personal information for analysis); etc.
9. Special or Sensitive Personal Information
This section describes the collection and processing of sensitive personal information.
We shall not ask you to, and please do not provide special or sensitive personal
information such as your medical history, medical or health examination records, political orientation, religious and philosophical beliefs, race, union member information, sexual orientation, sexuality life, criminal record, or genetic information to Glyph.
10. Changes to this Policy
This section provides the suggestions for you in response to any problems that may arise due to the changes to this Policy.
We may revise this Policy on irregularly, so We recommend that you review this Policy from time to time. If you continue to use Glyph’s products or services after this Policy is revised, you are deemed to have agreed to the revised Policy. We shall announce any major changes to this Policy on this service webpage or send an e-mail notification letter to inform you. You can check the bottom of this Policy page to verify the last update time of this Policy.
11. Contact Us
This section provides Our contact information in case you need to contact Us on matters regarding this Policy.
If you have any comments, questions, opinions, or concerns about this Policy or if you think We may have violated this Policy, you are welcome to contact Us at any time. If you believe We cannot handle your personal information related dispute properly, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the personal information authority in your country at any time.
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