Game-Changer: OpenAI Introducing Sora

Game-Changer: OpenAI Introducing Sora

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You simply can't have a conversation about Artificial Intelligence these days without mentioning OpenAI. Their release of ChatGPT created a tipping point for AI adoption, pushing competitors like Google to release Gemini (fka Bard) - and strategic investor partners like Microsoft to release Copilot. The rise in popularity of large language model (LLM) AI technology happened in parallel to advances in generative AI lead by OpenAI's DALL-EStable Diffusion and Runway - which motivated creative software behemoth Adobe to release Firefly. The advances in AI are truly starting to converge and snowball in a way that is unreal. Just recently (on February 15th to be exact), OpenAI founder Sam Altman went on X (fka twitter) to announce Sora. OpenAI introducing Sora is their latest splash in the news. This new tool from them converts a text prompt into mind-blowing videos up to 1 minute in length. For creators - this is surely going to change the creative industry forever.

Immediately following this announcement, famous creator Mr. Beast replied and the following thread ensued:

Within a few hours, Sam replied with a sample video generated by OpenAI's Sora that nearly broke the internet.

This video has received nearly 1M views, with 600+ re-posts and 6k likes.

Alright Sam - you got our attention.

The pace of innovation in this field right now feels miraculous and almost fantastical. Warranted concerns continue to grow about how this technology will affect various professions. Notably, Tyler Perry halted a $800M studio expansion after seeing the announcement of OpenAI introducing Sora! He was quote saying the following about the new technology:

"I have been watching AI very closely and watching the advancements very closely. I was in the middle of, and have been planning for the last four years, about an $800 million expansion at the studio, which would’ve increased the backlot a tremendous size — we were adding 12 more soundstages. All of that is currently and indefinitely on hold because of Sora and what I’m seeing. I had gotten word over the last year or so that this was coming, but I had no idea until I saw recently the demonstrations of what it’s able to do. It’s shocking to me."

Even still, we remain optimistic that this will only expand the toolset from which we can all create. For a deeper dive into the potential of Sora though, watch the announcement video below, and feel free to drop us a line to tell us what you think of OpenAI introducing Sora.

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