The Power of Storytelling: Saving our Oceans

The Power of Storytelling: Saving our Oceans

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We are strong believers that storytelling through media content holds great power to affect change in this world, and we are so inspired by the incredible work being done for ocean conservation by Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Andy Mann, and their team at SeaLegacy

Their mission is clearly stated on their site: 

"Tell Great Stories. Save The Ocean."

We recently discovered a video series about their work called "The Voyage" - and this peak behind the curtain at their expeditions is truly breathtaking. These brilliant storytellers are rightfully Sony Artisans and as such, the series is produced with the support of Sony. From meeting with local experts and researchers, to documenting an incredible breadth of wildlife both underwater and above the surface - this series reveals the great lengths they are going to for the sake of preserving the biodiversity and general health of our oceans. They are using imagery to empower storytelling at the highest level.

"The art I create is always in service to the ocean as I attempt to do its beauty justice through my lens. If I can inspire people to care enough to protect it, then maybe we can finally give our planet the respect it deserves and safeguard its future."
- Paul Nicklen (via SeaLegacy's website)

As the team sails from one geography to another, they seek to discover which marine species will be the best protagonist as they weave together the narrative for that region. Whether it's Mobula Rays in the Sea of Cortez or Marine Iguanas in Galapagos - they capture breathtaking imagery that tells stories no words ever could.

Highly recommend watching this full series to truly appreciate their efforts to save our oceans through storytelling. Make sure to visit their site (linked above) to see how you can help their noble and selfless mission. We look forward to celebrating every conservation win that they help materialize.

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