The Importance of Data Privacy

The Importance of Data Privacy

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Data privacy is an increasingly important issue in today's digital world. Data breaches are a serious concern for individuals and businesses alike, occurring when someone gains unauthorized access to sensitive information such as personal or financial data. Data breaches can have serious consequences, including financial losses, identity theft, loss of intellectual property and of course, damage to your reputation.

Even as companies implement ways to boost security, hackers can often find ways to infiltrate. There are some harrowing examples of data breaches in recent years. Back in 2009, a rough cut of an unfinished Wolverine Origins was leaked after a file was left unsecured on the computer of a third-party vendor. In no time, fans were able to track down this pirated cut - both on the web and on the streets as a DVD - with unfinished special effects scenes featuring green screen and wires attached to actors. The studio and many of the actors involved were devastated with Hugh Jackman likening the working version to "a Ferrari with no paint job". There was also Facebook in 2019. Over 530 million users in 106 countries were affected with their full names, phone numbers, locations and email addresses shared. While that example took place in the cloud, harmful breaches often target local storage as well.

The migration to cloud-based services doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon - it is undeniably convenient, freeing up storage and allowing extra hosting on a non-physical storage device. In addition, the cloud provides streamlined methods for teams to work cohesively, streamlining and hastening their workflows. However, this convenience comes with a risk. Many companies this past year found themselves extorted for critical information. Take video game publisher Rockstar Games for example, who revealed recently that they were the victim of a "network intrusion" that allowed an unauthorized party to illegally download a 3-gigabyte file of early footage for Grand Theft Auto VI, their next blockbuster game. Since then, the footage has leaked all over the internet with the attacker attempting to "negotiate a deal" as extortion for ransom. 

Enabling two-factor authentication can be a great way to mitigate breaches to cloud platforms, but it's more important than ever to keep your information safe to ensure data privacy across both cloud platforms and local storage. One way to protect your local files is by using encrypted drives. Encrypted drives are specialized storage devices used to protect data stored within. This means that in order to access the drive, you must have the correct password or key. Without this, the data is completely unreadable and inaccessible. This ensures that if if the drive is lost or stolen and someone finds it, they will not be able to use it to their advantage, stealing vital information. 

Here at Glyph, we are passionate about producing technology designed for unmatched protection. Our portable Secure Drive+ Collection features two powerful drive options with up to 8TB of military-grade XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption as well as brute-force and anti-hacking protection. In addition, our drives have secure wireless pairing to your phone for dual-action authentication, FaceID / Touch ID unlock and password retrieval. 

Whether you're an individual looking to secure your personal data, or a business owner responsible for protecting sensitive data, encrypted drives can provide the security and peace of mind you need. 

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