The Top 10 Subreddits For Video Editors

The Top 10 Subreddits For Video Editors

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As a video editor, it’s important to stay up-to-date on trends and techniques so you can keep evolving and grow your skill set. Reddit is an invaluable platform for video editors to network, learn and stay competitive. 

Here are the 10 best subreddits you should follow as a video editor:

1. r/VideoEditing:This subreddit is dedicated to all things related to video editing and post-production. It’s a great place to check out tutorials, network and discuss evolving tools, techniques, and technology used in the industry. It can appeal to first-time editors or seasoned professionals looking to learn more about their craft.

2. r/Editors: From software techniques to pre-production and post-production, this subreddit is focused on all aspects of the editing process. It’s also a space to garner feedback on your work. Discussion includes topics like editing software, color grading, sound design, and more.

3. r/VPX: Focused on visual effects, this subreddit is a space for members to discuss the latest trends in VFX, share tips and tricks, and showcase their work. 

4. r/colorists: A whole subreddit dedicated to the craft of color correction. From the best color-grading courses to calibrated monitor recommendations, this subreddit is the perfect place to turn to if you’re looking to upgrade your color-grading game. 

 5.r/PremierePro: This subreddit is dedicated to Adobe Premiere Pro, and provides tutorials, discussion and resources regarding the software.

6. r/AfterEffects: This is the spot to showcase your work and ask questions. From 3D animation to green screen and compositing, this subreddit is your place to go for all things After Effects.

7. r/DavinciResolve: This is another software specific subreddit that’s great for video editors using DaVinci Resolve. From creating effects to trendy glitch animations, this subreddit has you covered. 

8. r/Cinematography: If you’re into cinematography on any level - from discussing lighting or framing in your favorite movie scene to creating images for your own short film or a larger project, this is the subreddit for you. 

9. r/Blender Blender can be used by all kinds of creatives for everything from video editing to animated films and 3D modeling. This subreddit is a great place to share work, ask questions and watch tutorials to learn more about this motion graphics software.

10. r/MovieDetails: While this subreddit isn’t solely focused on video editors, it’s dedicated to feature film analysis and upcoming news. Lots of trends make their way into commercials and marketing videos, so this is a great place to stay up to date and talk about movies with other video editors. 

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