10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Creative Professional

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Creative Professional

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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a creative professional in your life? Maybe you're practicing a little self care and buying a treat to help streamline your workflow? Either way, we’ve got you covered with 10 of the best gift ideas that are sure to be loved by creatives. Let's jump in.

1) Splice Subscription

If you know any music producers, then Splice is the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Splice is one of the world’s best sample libraries with an unmatched marketplace for users to dive into. It's a great tool that allows users to pick and choose sounds from professional packs, and use credits to purchase the ones they like, regardless of what DAW (digital audio workstation) they are using. All of the sounds are 100% royalty free and you can select from presets, loops or one-shots. The UI is clean and easy to navigate and one of the key benefits is the free cloud storage.

2) Mobile Tripod & Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote 

This versatile mini tripod is a gamechanger for the creative professional. With a telescoping center column and selfie stick, the BK15 mobile tripod includes a smartphone adapter and removable Bluetooth remote. This is the perfect solution to all of your content creation needs, simply attach your phone and begin creating.

3)  Masterclass Subscription

If you're not already familiar, Masterclass is an online learning platform that grants access to some of the world’s best instructors - from Timbaland and Christina Aguilera to Gordon Ramsay and Alexis Ohanian. The classes are presented in the form of video lessons accompanied by a PDF workbook complete with assignments. This platform is a great way for creatives to expand their skill sets from anywhere, which naturally makes it a great Valentine’s gift for creative professionals. 

4) VariDesk Standing Desk Converter 

This standing desk converter is an absolute necessity for any creative professional. These converters are fully adjustable, so you can change the height of the desk and alternate between standing and sitting. Not only can you increase productivity with a standing desk, but research has shown impressive health benefits such as decreased back pain and improved mood and energy levels throughout the day. 

5) Glyph Atom EV Portable NVMe SSD

Just because a drive is lightweight and compact, doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely powerful. The Glyph Atom EV Portable SSD is a perfect example of this. With optimal practicality, the Atom EV provides up to 8TB of lightning-fast SSD storage with sustained 1,000 MB/s read and write speeds in a portable, and a rugged enclosure that can travel with you anywhere. Whether out flying a drone or in the studio, this powerful SSD is sure to brighten the day of a creative professional in your life.

6) Peak Design Products

From bags to tripods, Peak Design products are at the top of every creative’s wishlist. Travel in style with sleek, everyday cases that help transport and manage gear. We love that Peak Design is 100% crowd-funded and offers pre-owned gear as well. Simply put - they're a great company with quality products and a great philosophy - something we always appreciate.

7) The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

With its gentle affirmations, inspirational quotes and fill in the blank lists and tasks, The Artist’s Way is the tried-and-true gift for a creative professional in your life. The book has become a household name with its ability to unlock creative potential, making it the perfect purchase for a creative professional in your life.

8) Glyph Blackbox Pro RAID Desktop Drive 

This ultra-reliable, high performance hardware RAID drive is a creative’s best friend. Powered by USB-C with up to 40TB of fast 7,200 RPM Enterprise Class hard drive capacity, this external hard drive is built for demanding workflows and mission critical projects. 

9) Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Cover For Macbook Pro

This is the perfect tool to help step up a video editor’s game. They can stay dialed in with all of the shortcuts they love, while saving time. Designed specifically for the 14” and 16” Macbook Pro, this cover not only lets editors work faster than ever, but also protects their computer against dirt, dust and liquid. 

10) Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

This Apple pencil is a gamechanger for any iPad user in your life. It delivers pixel-perfect precision and industry-leading low latency, making it ideal for drawing, sketching, coloring, taking notes, marking up PDFs and more. Designed for iPads, it features a sleek, flat edge that attaches magnetically for automatic charging and pairing.

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